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ZIRH is a worldwide leader of Men's Shaving and Skin care products. ZIRH is favored by
celebrities, pro-athletes and skin care specialists.

Top 10 best-selling products in Zirh men's skin care

1. Zirh Restore Eye Cream-1.01 oz.
Rejuvenate Your Eyes The skin around your eyes is sensitive to the vagaries of pollution and harsh sun rays. Protect it with Zirh Restore Eye Cream. This eye cream is made from natural ingredients. It gently strengthens the skin around your eyes. Lightweight cream Helps reduce puffiness Delays appearance of fine lines Treats dark circles Zirh Restore Eye Cream also helps in reducing puffiness and discoloration under the eyes. It stimulates circulation and removes dark circles. Just For You: All skin types

2. Zirh Protect Daily Face Moisturizer-3.38 oz.
Dew Drop Freshness for Your Skin Moisturize and protect your skin with Zirh Protect Daily Face Moisturizer. This formulation inhibits the loss of moisture from your skin. It also fights free radicals which are responsible for dulling and aging your skin. Gentle formulation Moisturizes skin Helps reduce dryness and fine lines Imparts elasticity Zirh Protect Daily Face Moisturizer improves your skin elasticity which gives it a more youthful appearance. This gentle lotion is made for daily use. It helps in fighting signs of pollution and harsh environment. Just For You: All skin types

3. Zirh Scrub-3.38 oz.
Wake-Up Call! Zirh Scrub is an exfoliating cleanser designed to slough off dead skin, leaving a fresher, smoother appearance. Infused with aloe vera, the scrub clarifies and refines the skin, eliminating surface toxins and excess oils that can cause blemishes and blackheads. It's the perfect wake-up call for your complexion. An exfoliating facial scrubSloughs off dead skin cells for a fresher, smoother appearance Eliminates toxins and excess oils Especially Suited For: All skin types Essential Elements: Infusions of aloe vera and sage stimulate circulation, creating a refreshing, super-clean

4. Zirh Clean Face Wash-8.45 oz.
Clean Up Your Skin Zirh Clean Face Wash helps remove debris, dirt and bacteria away from the skin. Its gentle formulation rids the skin of dead cells and uncovers smoother and younger looking skin. It has fresh citrus scent which will please your senses. Removes debris and excess oil Gentle on skin Has a pleasant lemon smell Can be used as a shaving cream Zirh Clean Face Wash may also be used as a shaving cream. It can gently exfoliate the skin and give it a fresher look. This face wash can help purify the skin and make it look cleaner. Just For You: All skin types

5. Zirh Clean Face Wash-4.23 oz.
Clean Up Your Act Zirh Clean is a clarifying cleanser that uses a triad of alpha-hydroxy acids to cut through dirt, pollution and oil. Clean washes away debris and acne-causing bacteria, while gently removing a layer of dead skin cells to uncover new, smoother-looking skin. With a fresh, light lemon scent, it also multitasks as a shaving cream. A purifying and soothing facial cleanser Fresh, lemon scent Washes away dirt while exfoliating skin Especially Suited For: All skin types Essential Elements: Clean is formulated with glycolic acid and menthol which cools and invigorates the skin.

6. Zirh Reverse Anti-Aging Serum-1.69 oz.
everse the Signs of Aging Zirh Reverse Anti-Aging Serum is the first dual phase anti-aging serum designed for men. Without the heaviness of a cream, the blue helix technology delivers soft-focus particles that instantly transform surface textures like lines, wrinkles and pores. Then, a cooling vitamin and penta-peptide clear gel floods the skin barrier to firm it from below the surface, for noticeably younger-looking skin over time. A concentrated serum to manage the visible signs of aging Reduces the appearance of lines, wrinkles and pores Helps skin look younger

7. Zirh Prepare Botanical Pre-Shave Oil-1.01 oz.
Say Goodbye to Razor BurnZirh Prepare botanical shave oil is designed to soften facial hair and reduce friction while shaving. This light shave primer helps prevent razor burn, make shaving easier and more comfortable. Its unscented formula is suitable for even the most sensitive skin. A shaving primer Helps to reduce razor friction Unscented Especially Suited For: All skin types especially sensitive skin Essential Elements: Prepare is formulated with a blend of 10 botanicals including safflower seed oil, passion flower extract and papaya. Size: 1.01 oz.Free of: Synthetic fragrance

8. Zirh Platinum Platinum Revive Under-Eye Complex-0.51 oz.
Eye Revival When your under eye area needs a little revival, turn to Zirh Platinum Revive Under-Eye Complex. Ideal for all skin types, this lightweight retexturing and reparative under eye gel minimizes dark circles and puffiness while restoring firmness and elasticity. Under-eye cream gel Minimizes dark circles and puffiness Restores firmness and elasticity Especially Suited For: All skin types Essential Elements: Platinum Revive Under-Eye Complex is formulated with caffeine extract, eye peptides, matrikine complex, micro-algae bio-active elements, natural moisturizing factor, plantago

9. Zirh Platinum Total Recharge Retexturizing Serum-1.69oz.
Time to RechargeZirh Platinum Total Recharge Retexturizing Serum is a lightweight, silky lotion that dramatically refinishes skin's appearance and texture. Skin-resurfacing technology drastically reduces the appearance of enlarged pores and frees skin from dull, flaky cells. Skin feels refreshed and looks perfected, brightened and even-toned. Revitalizing facial serum Refinishes skin’s appearance and texture Reduces the appearance of large pores Exfoliates dull, flaky cells Especially Suited For: All skin types Essential Elements: Total Recharge uses skin-firming technology

10. Zirh Erase After Shave-6.76 oz.
Erase Your Shaving Problems Zirh Erase is a post-shave tonic designed to zero in on shaving problems and eliminate them. Formulated with natural ingredients, this soothing aftershave relieves redness while clearing away razor burn and ingrown hairs. Erase also provides essential moisture and enhances collagen synthesis for a complexion that looks clear and healthy. A soothing aftershave Relieves redness Clears away razor burn and ingrown hairs Enhances collagen synthesis Especially Suited For: All skin types Essential Elements: The antiseptic properties of this formula's grapefruit

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ZIRH Leader of Men's Shaving and Skin care products
Zirh Men's Skin Care
Zirh Men's Skin CareZirh Men's Skin CareZirh Men's Skin Care
Zirh Men's Skin Care